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Equipment for Archers

Equipment for Horses

Helmet: A helmet must be worn for training and competitions.
Bows: Traditional recurved composite bows are generally used in horse archery (compound/bows with a mechanical trigger cannot be used).
Arrows: Arrows should be made of aluminium, carbon fibre (woven/spiral; no straight fibres to avoid splintering) or wood. Arrows should be feather fletched rather than having plastic vanes.
Arm guard: An arm guard will protect your arm from impact from the bow string. A plastic guard or arm glove can be used.
Glove: A leather glove on your draw hand will save the delicate nerves in your fingers from damage.
Arrow and bow quivers: A hip quiver can be used, or arrows can be held in the bow hand.
Saddle: Any style of saddle is suitable.
Bridle: Any style of bridle is suitable.
You will also need to be able to secure your reins while you are shooting.


Archery equipment

Archery equipment can be bought from:
Pats Archery (South Australia; online store)
Warida Wholistic Wellness (Empowerment4Riders) (South Australia)
Outback Equines (QLD; online store)
Lancaster Archery Supply (USA; online store)
Arrow & Bow Quivers: A Company Mounted Archery (USA)
Saluki Bow Co. (USA)

Books about horse archery

There are a couple of wonderful horse archery books available for sale online:
Horseback Archery: Ancient art to modern sport (Claire & Dan Sawyer, Eds)
Timeless Bowhunting: The art, the science, the spirit (Roy S. Marlow)

Videos about horse archery

There are a number of videos about various aspects of horse archery, including:
A Company Mounted Archery YouTube channel
Outback Equines video series