Horse Archery Clinics

The Flying Fletches is planning on hosting a range of clinics by national and international horse archers. Please contact us if you would like to be notified of upcoming clinics. Once they are organised the clinics will be advertised on this page.
Horse archery and other related clinics organised by other individuals or organisations are advertised here as well.

Upcoming Horse Archery Clinics in South Australia

There are currently no clinics advertised in South Australia. 

Horse Archery Instructors

Warida Wholistic Wellness, of which Empowerment 4 Riders is a business arm, offers horse archery instruction in South Australia (and nationally). Group clinics and individual lessons are available. Bianca Stawiarski is a Level Two NHAA (Horse Archery U.S.) Horse Archery Instructor and Equestrian Australia (EA) Coach.
Outback Equines is based in the Lockyer Valley, QLD. Horse archery clinics are run by John and Hayley, who are both Level Two NHAA (Horse Archer U.S.) Horse Archery Instructors.
Medieval Horse Sports Australia offers horse archery and medieval skill at arms clinics around Australia.

Horse Archery Instructor Levels

Level One

The Level One Mounted Archery Instructors course is designed for camp instruction, youth groups and short-term recreational programs. It does not require an IHAA (International Horseback Archery Alliance) ranking. It is here to provide instructional building blocks to first time and novice horse archers. Becoming certified means that you have taken the time to acknowledge safety procedures and linear protocol in your instruction. There are three main sections to this course:
First Section: You will learn safety protocol and horse archery etiquette so that you can create a fun and safe learning environment for both the horse and rider.
Second Section: Basic horse care and safe handling for equines for horse archery.
Third Section: Here you will learn basic tools for beginner horse archery instruction that will provide a solid foundation for perfect form and accurate shooting.

Level Two

The level two certification course is for those who want to conduct professional Horse Archery instruction to both novice and intermediate level students. It has a basic requirement of an IHAA (International Horse Archery Alliance) rank of S3 and completion of the NHAA (National Horse Archery Association) Level 1 course. Because so much of the material in both courses is the same, this supplement is for those who are taking both courses on consecutive days of within 30 days of one another.