Ever Wanted to try horse archery?

About Us

The Flying Fletches is a friendly and supportive club where club members meet to develop our skills and participate in competitions.
The Flying Fletches was established in 2014  to meet the needs of the increasing number of people in South Australia interested in horse archery. The club now has branches in Adelaide, rural South Australia (Flinders to Coast), Queensland, and Tasmania.
In Adelaide, the club operates at Kersbrook Equestrian Centre.
In rural South Australia, the club operates at various locations around Port Pirie and Kadina
In Queensland, the club operates in the Lockyer Valley.
In Tasmania, the club operates at various locations.
See the Rally Days page for more information about our training days.


The Flying Fletches accepts members with and without horses (e.g., your horse may be young or still in training). Membership for the financial year is $45 for adults and $30 for children under the age of 18 years.
NOTE: We do not provide horses for people to ride.

Membership process for mounted archery

In order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of horses and riders, the Flying Fletches has developed a membership process for mounted archery with the aim of ensuring, as far as possible, that horses attending rallies (training days) are desensitised and able to participate safely, and that riders have basic archery skills and an understanding of safety procedures. The process is as follows: 

Come and watch a rally

This is great opportunity to meet our members and find out what's involved in horse archery and club membership.

Participate in a ground archery rally

Attend a ground archery rally and learn the archery techniques you will be using on horseback (day membership is $10, taken off the membership fee should you decide to join in the same financial year).

Attend a horse archery clinic

Attend a horse archery clinic with your horse to ensure your horse is sufficiently desensitised. See our Clinics page for more information on available clinics and instructors. Attendance at a clinic or individual instruction  by any accredited horse archery instructor who can provide you with a signed certificate of attendance (including the name of your horse) will be recognised.

Commence the desensitisation process

If there are no clinics available you are encouraged to bring your horse to a rally (unmounted) to commence the desensitisation process. Please note you  will not be allowed to ride your horse at the rally. Outback Equines also have available for purchase some excellent desensitisation videos in their online training series.

Membership forms

Membership forms can be found via the link below.

Need more information?

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us via our Contact page.